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Your digital fitness membership, four trainers, one philosophy.

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We were all built to move. But this is hard to do in the modern world. Evolve was designed to empower and inspire people worldwide to move their bodies the way they were intended to move in order to live healthy and happy lives. Evolve breaks down all of the traditional barriers to fitness in order to get and keep people fitter, faster, stronger, healthier and better in sport and everyday life.

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Functional fitness is the foundation of all Evolve workouts. Most fitness fads rely on the promise of six pack abs and bigger pecs, with little regard for overall health and fitness and creating balance in the body. Evolve places primary importance on building and improving upon total body strength, balance, agility and overall fitness through the use of exercises based on the primal movements: lunge, squat, bend, twist, push, pull, and gait. These seven movements are at the very heart of the Evolve Functional Fitness program.